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Subdivision and land development work can be a complex and uncertain process, involving specialist input over several stages of the development. Misura has developed strong relationships with a wide range of specialists and are able to select partner consultants that align with client and project needs.

We bring proven experience developed over many years working on a wide variety of subdivision and land development projects. Understanding local requirements and where to go to when additional support and advice is required is an important aspect of the service we offer.

Misura works closely with our clients guiding them through the various processes and stages on a range of subdivision and land development related projects. We will advise you on the best course of action and guide you through the development process.

Our staff experience provides a strong focus on Canterbury rural subdivision and development work. Experience in the technically challenging and changing requirements on erosion and accretion claims alongside Canterbury’s braided rivers sets us apart from many other local survey firms.

Our key people are supported by a talented drafting and administration team, ensuring you are well taken care of through each phase of your project.
Malcolm Hanrahan
Registered Professional Surveyor | 021 222 9553

Malcolm has some 35 years in the industry. The bulk of his experience has been gained in and around the Canterbury region, but he has worked in London. Through working on a wide range of different types of projects he brings a strong understanding of land development processes and experience facilitating multiple land related professionals across the project process.


Malcolm recognises the importance of building solid relationships, knowledge sharing to develop  understanding and providing a quality service that meets clients' needs. Malcolm chairs the Survey and Spatial NZ Ethics Committee 

Anthony Grace
Senior Licensed Cadastral Surveyor | 021 087 93888

Anthony who oversees the technical survey aspects has a strong understanding of the building sector industry and cadastral boundary requirements. His experience includes 9 years in the NZ Army and 8 years working in Sydney on large cadastral and construction projects.

His local experience includes crown land surveys, building set outs and dealing with Canterbury earthquake boundary issues.

Ashleigh Hanson
Survey Technician

Nat Dip Surveying

Lindy Kidwell

Ashleigh is an experienced survey technician undertaking much of our field work. She has worked across Canterbury on a wide range of survey related projects.


Lindy undertakes our survey drafting ensuring the plans issued are clear and precise


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